I Love Candy Jars, Cookies and a giveaway!

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I saw a dreamy photo of candy jars in a Christmas magazine. The candy jars were filled with red and white candy and I loved that photo! I wanted to do something similar, but I had a limited budget. This was before online shopping, so the local hunt was on for candy jars. At the time, I still had three children at home, but I searched our local shops, flea markets and antique stores.  I found a few candy jars and several inexpensive fruit jars. I filled them with candy and decorated my fireplace mantle with seasonal candy. My children thought this was a great idea!  I did my best to convince them the candy was not for eating and eventually they almost forgot about candy and everything was good… but I still wanted candy jars, then later, larger apothecary jars. If you are wondering – yes, there is a giveaway with this post, see details below.

Summer candy jars

Summer candy jars

Our town is very small, so we have to travel for specialty items. In my 20-25 year quest, I’ve found candy jars in antique malls, flea markets, antique fairs, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx and various gift stores in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. In recent years I’ve purchased a few, lovely, old, apothecary jars from eBay and newer jars from online stores, see list at the bottom of this article.

Summer Candy Jars

My summer candy jar display and it’s reflection.

If you like pretty jars, but don’t want the candy, no problem, you can display anything you want.  Some of my jars have plastic rims, at first I didn’t like the plastic, but then I realized they work best for crackers, pretzels, cereal, etc. The candy jars in my home office are filled with dog treats and the jars in our bathroom have cotton balls, Q-tips and pretty bars of soap.  The extra large candy jar I put in my son’s office got filled with computer parts and cords, not my thing, but he likes that he can see what’s inside.  See source list below for candy jars and candy.

Candy Jar cookies by Roberta Crowley

Candy jar cookies by Roberta Crowley

CopperGifts.com 6186

CopperGifts.com 6186

Have you seen the candy jar cookie cutters on the CopperGifts.com website?  Here is our newest candy jar cookie cutter, item 6186. The pretty cookies were decorated by Roberta Crowley of Crowley Cookies. Bobbi is located in Norfolk, MA, and she is excellent at shipping cookies!


List of places to purchase candy jars.








Hobby Lobby Stores

TJ Maxx


Antique Malls & Flea Markets

List of places to purchase candy online.





Suggestions for decorating with candy jars

25 DIY Apothecary Jars – What to Fill?

Giveaway details: To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post about candy, candy jars, cookie cutters or cookies, your chances of winning are great because this blog is new!  To post a comment go to the top of this story and find the title. Under the title is the word “comment”, click and write. The winner will be chosen at random on September 24, 2014. Prize will be a cookie cutter of choice from the CopperGifts.com website. Value $16 or less.

Peace, love and sweet cookie dreams,



Gift Ideas for the Elderly… and a giveaway!

When you are young you never think about being too old to shop, but guess what? It happens.  My Mom is in her 90′s, she lives alone and has daily help. My husband and I live very close, so we help her with weekly shopping trips, visits to the doctor, lawn care, home repair, etc.  Buying gifts for Mom can be difficult, but thankfully she still loves pink!

All year, I think about birthday and Christmas gifts for her.  She used to be happy with a new dress, but now I can’t find one she likes. She’s not really picky, she just has her must haves… soft knit, sleeves, not low neck, not form fitting, no dark colors and two pockets in the front, not in the side seam. She tells me not to worry about her dresses, she will just wear what she has, but I’m still looking. She needs help buying shoes and purses – I’m good at that, but when Christmas or her birthday rolls around, I have to have several gift ideas because family members want recommendations.  My Mom is interested in: The Bible, books in large print, books on CD, Dr. Oz, organic and healthy home cooked food, the Food Network and vitamins.  I search for specialty food for her online and when I go out of town. She likes foods that are natural or low in sodium and fat, so Trader Joe’s is always on my list when we go to Kansas City or Dallas.

Here is my suggested list of gift ideas for the elderly, if you have more suggestions, please share them in the comments.

  • Time: When people get into their 80′s or 90′s they don’t have a lot of remaining friends. They appreciate notes, visits and phone calls.
  • When you visit, plan to cook a meal and eat with them.
  • Take her out for a drive or ice cream and ask if she needs anything while you are out.
  • Offer to help with the mail, write a letter, or address Christmas cards.
  • A book of postage stamps would be a nice gift.
  • If you sew, check to see if they have anything that needs to be mended.
  • If they have a hobby, offer to get supplies.  Chances are, they don’t know how to surf the web.
  • Listen to them. If they are alert enough to tell stories, you might want to write a few down. My Mom was born in a house in the country, in Missouri, in 1920. Her family did not have eletricity, a car or a telephone. Oh my!
  • Maybe they are low on money – Do you have enough money saved to live into your 90′s?  I don’t and neither does my Mom.  Every month is a struggle for her.  Maybe you could offer to help with utilities, cable or the phone bill.
  • My Mom would love a gift card to Walmart.  Our town is small, so Walmart is her happy shopping place – they have magic carts to ride in. She takes a magnifying glass with her so she can read food labels and prices.
  • My Mom still  likes to feed the birds in the winter, so bird seed or suet makes her happy.
  • She has a boatload of photos and her walls are covered, but she still enjoys new photos.  Keep it simple and large enough for her to see. If you give a photo in a frame, plan to hang it on the wall for her.
  • Reading: At this age vision can be a problem, so if you buy a book, make sure it’s not too heavy and the print is large. If you get an audible book, make sure she has a way to listen. We tried a Kindle, but she couldn’t operate, we got her a basic mobile phone and she likes it!  She keeps her phone in one of those mandatory dress pockets.

    Grandma's old checkbook

    Mom on the cart at Walmart with her old checkbook




Mom’s 94th birthday will be October 17th.  She’s needed a new wallet for ages, but she loved her old one and didn’t want to give it up. It was worn and soft and included a checkbook cover with attached ink pen holder. The wallet finally gave out and she let me take a photo of the remaining checkbook cover. Geez, it was time!



This year, my birthday gift for her was easy! I found a pink wallet at Macy’s – on sale AND it’s lightweight, except for the gold pull that I may have to switch.Pink wallet

I couldn’t find a wallet with checkbook and ink pen holder, because – well you know, most people use debit cards these days.  Mom doesn’t approve. ;)

So, I searched the web for a checkbook with an ink pen holder. I looked on Amazon, eBay and Etsy and I purchased the ones below.

Pink checkbooks

Pink checkbooks


This one has to be for Mom.

Pink checkbook cover with ink pen holder

Pink checkbook cover with ink pen holder

The stripe one with the letter “B”  -  is mine!pink wallet 3

And, the remaining Scottie dog checkbook cover could be yours!  

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you will be entered to win!

Click on the word “comment” up top under the title of this article to leave a comment.

If you prefer a CopperGifts.com mini size cookie cutter, tell me which one you want in your comment ($10 value or less).

If you have additional gift ideas for the elderly, share them in your comment. I may add them to my list.

Winner will be chosen, at random, from all comments, on Monday evening, September 8th, 2014.

Beth Braman 

Custom Child’s Hand Cookie Cutter

We make custom cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes, but one of our sweetest offerings is a custom child’s hand.  For these cutters we request a line tracing of the child’s hand. This is a precious gift for Mom’s, Grandparents or family members and will also be a lasting treasure for the child.  For detailed instructions, please see the listing on our website.  See below for special pricing.

The custom child’s hand shape below was ordered to commemorate the beginning of the school year for Ethan.  A work order is stapled on top of the drawing.  Work orders print out with every order we receive.  They stay with the cutter as it travels through our workshop, from manufacturing to soldering, cleaning, straightening and final check before going on to our shipping area.

If you are interested in ordering a custom child’s hand cutter, we will include a hand engraved message of your choice.We thought the Mom’s note with this child’s hand drawing was funny.

Custom child hand cookie cutter with engraved name and date.

Custom child hand cookie cutter with a note from the Mom. ;)

Another custom child’s hand cookie cutter is pictured below. I do the engraving, not perfect, but it’s difficult to write on a cookie cutter.  Maybe we will try putting a flat brace on the top of the next one.  I think it would be easier to hold a shaking engraver and write on something flat.  ANYWAY, the big deal is, we are going to put these custom hand cookie cutters on sale for a limited time and you are the first to know! I have changed the price to $30 and we will leave it there until October 31, aka Halloween, 2014.

Engraved child's hand cookie cutter.

Engraved child’s hand copper cookie cutter, extra lines on the cutter are a reflection from my worn desk top.

I hope you had a great summer, we did.  We enjoyed several trips to Texas to see our one and only grandbaby and we even brought baby and daughter-in-law home with us – for a week!

She loves her book!

Grandbaby loves her book!

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Cookie decorated to look like me.

Cookie decorated to look like me.


Beth Braman











Shark Week Celebration… and a giveaway!

Shark week comes but once a year, in early August, but it’s never too soon to plan for next year!

A fun summer project by CopperGifts.com this year was a brand new shark cookie cutter. Designed for us by SweetDaniB and very scary! I’m just kidding about the scary part,  DaniB loves sweet things and usually adds a loving heart to her cookies, even sharks.  Dani and her husband like to celebrate Shark Week with friends, treats, crafts and The Discovery Channel.

See Dani’s blog post, Icing with Hammerheads where she shares decorating ideas for Hammerhead shark cookies and gives us a glimpse into her new home and her “Shark Gallery Wall“.









In addition to SweetDaniB’s Great Hammerhead Shark Cookie Cutter, we have a couple of other cookie cutters on the CopperGifts website that make great shark cookies, one is our Open Mouth Shark Cutter (photos below).

 And another is our Shark Cookie Cutter, item 1474.

I hope you’ve had a great summer and only encountered “friendly sharks”.  Want a shark cookie cutter of your own?  Post a comment on this post and tell us which of the three shark cutters you would like and why.  We will pick a winner on August 27, 2014 around 1 pm.  Winner will be notified by email. All other entries will receive a coupon code for 1/2 price basic shipping on the CopperGifts.com website.

To find the place to post your reply, go to the top of this story, find the title, “Shark Week Celebration”, under the word, “celebration” is the word, “comment“, click on comment to post your shark cutter entry.

Peace, love and friendly shark cookie dreams!


Beths head with white space tiny size

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